Welcome to Shopping Review by And

| 2.6.09

Oh, popsicles!

They have updated their new items after their massive sales and most are non-restocklable one of a kind goodies!

Awesome zipper skirts with ruffles that are the one of the most wanted at the moment


RM55 and non-restocklable

The return of the old school pinafore with a twist of buttons and the quality looks yummy! Worth the investment no?


YSL inspired caged heels that looks so chic and accentuating your legs. It's sold out everywhere for the similar ones and these ain't restockable!

RM75 and non-restockable

And of course, more zipper tops and awesome dresses that are not restockable! Do act fast and you won't regret as you'll never look the same like others!

RM65 and non-restocklable

RM45 and non-restocklable