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| 3.6.09

Quevy Shoppe

More zipped up items anyone? *winks* I also found a new kinda zipper item --> the zipper denim shorts!



Oozara Tang

Forget about the perfect denim jeans for your every day look. You could makedo now with the perfect denim dresses!

RM49 *non-restockable*

RM49 *non-restocklable*

Shop Like A Celebrities

We often hear that self-confidence comes from within and when you do have it, everything else falls in place. How to do so? Start off with a good and sexy undergarment of course! *trust me, it does work!*


RM30 per set

| 2.6.09

A Model Xcess

More goodies from the all the way from the Great Britian *literally* and back to the Egyptian like century *literally also!*



Vogue Speak

They are what I love to refer them as the dress specialist where they bring in loads of dresses that we girls would love to have and would be dying to have! Oh...it's very reasonable too!



Dovey Lovey

If you're a quilted bags inspired from Chanel fan like me, then don't pass over this stop as you'll be sure to find what you like! They have in big and small sizes in which I think the bigger ones are totally hard to find and a gem if you get one!





It's all about clutches now at bags-licious as they bring in the most stunning bejewelled aka bling bling clutches that could bedazzle you the whole night!



Impulse Grabber

Their weekly promo is so good that I think most girls will not be able to resist em'! Zipped up heels that spells sexiness and if you don't have one yet, now's the time to get one as they are on sale! Also new, Victoria Secret inspired multiways tie dress!

RM85(original) RM59(sale price till 7th June 2009)


Heavenly Closet

It is indeed heavenly here as they offer the best price worthy stuffs!




Orange Little

They have once again updated lovely shoes less than few hours ago and some are already reserved! So girls, if you like em', do act fast yo!

RM70 ; RM62 ; RM55

Dusky Wings

They are known for their stylish footwear but this time around, they have brought in more accessories than ever! You'll be spoilt with choices for sure.


RM22 ; RM22 ; RM24


Oh, popsicles!

They have updated their new items after their massive sales and most are non-restocklable one of a kind goodies!

Awesome zipper skirts with ruffles that are the one of the most wanted at the moment


RM55 and non-restocklable

The return of the old school pinafore with a twist of buttons and the quality looks yummy! Worth the investment no?


YSL inspired caged heels that looks so chic and accentuating your legs. It's sold out everywhere for the similar ones and these ain't restockable!

RM75 and non-restockable

And of course, more zipper tops and awesome dresses that are not restockable! Do act fast and you won't regret as you'll never look the same like others!

RM65 and non-restocklable

RM45 and non-restocklable